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Disgaea 4 Complete+ - promise

Disgaea 4 Complete+ Out Now on PS4 and Switch

Last year, NIS America brought Disgaea 1 Complete to the PS4 and Switch. The original came out on the PlayStation 2 fifteen years prior. Now we have Disgaea 4 Complete+. Each Disgaea main entry is a self-contained story, so don't think you have to play Disgaea 2 and 3 to enjoy this one. The PS3 classic is reborn on current consoles to enjoy all the wacky action. Hopefully, NIS America brings the remainder of the series to PS4 and Switch, but that depends on us, the players. If you have never played a Disgaea game, get your hands on Disgaea 4 Complete+ now! IT is available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch for $49.99.