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My Take On: The Cape Ep4 – Scales on a Train

Episode 4, with its horrid title and all,  felt very long-winded. A lot happened in one hour folks – let me lay it out for you.

The main objective of this week's installment is that Vince and Orwell are going to go incognito at a Monte Carlo Charity Gala on a train hosted by Fleming and the Mayor of Palm City. Of course, this event requires costumes and masks, so it will be pretty easy to fit in. Vince thinks if he tells Scales that Chess is Fleming, he will be able to record Scales saying Fleming is extorting him. Sure, that sounds like a good plan that will go off without a hitch. While discussing the plan with Orwell, she notices that Vince is a bit upset and angry. We find out that is because it is Tripp’s birthday.

 The Cape catches some of Scales’ thugs and tells one of them to “call the gecko”. Ha!  Scales is not very happy that he interrupted lasagna night. The Cape tells Scales that Fleming is Chess and therefore he is paying him twice. Extortion my dears. It makes the crime world go around.Vince explains what is going on in detail, exposing the plot holes, and Scales is still none too thrilled. We get a fancy cape escape and the opening credits.

 We come back to Peter Fleming dressed in a white cowboy outfit. Seriously.

Marty explains the costume as a way for people to see him as a regular schmo with a sense of humor. We go to a flashback with Vince going to Tripp’s school for his birthday as a class guest. Enough with the damn flashbacks already writers! Dana is stuck in traffic with Tripp’s birthday cake while boss man Trevor is on his way to her apartment to do lawyer work. She asks that he meet her at her apartment so Tripp is not alone. Ever the smarty, Tripp does not open the door. “You could’ve googled me.” Sure kid. Now this guy is stuck sitting in the hallway. This job thing is really weird. How has Dana settled into a new position ever so quickly? Why is her boss meeting at her apartment to go over work – don’t they have an office? I don’t think it works. Guess they had to do something with her, eh?

Prior to boarding the train, Scales tells Fleming he knows he is Chess and to tell his friend the Mayor that he will be working with him on “construction work”. Let’s have some more extortion with a side of blackmail. Also, we see Rollo is playing train employee…of course they'd pick the same train to rob! Makes it easier to have everyone in the episode somehow!

On the train, there are masks all around. Orwell is there in hers. So is The Cape. The Carnival is going to heist the train and Vince and Orwell have to stop them before they get hurt. Guess what, Patrick Portman is on the train too, dressed as The Cape. Vince is mesmerized at his “fan”. Ugh. He tells him about Rollo and to keep an eye out for him – he's little, but he’s mean. On board, Scales tries to sell the mayor cement in a non-legal way. Of course he declines. This angers the volatile Scales.

After a horrid conversation with Rollo and getting some magic done on him, a messed up Vince has yet another flashback to camping with Tripp. They talk and Tripp is worried about getting lost. Doting father he is, Vince tells his son he doesn't need a compass, he has him. We then go back to the present where Tripp is questioning Trevor outside his door. He asks the boss if his dad is still legally innocent. Aww, poor kid, he’s trying.

Back on the train, Orwell gets into it with Fleming, calling him a fascist. “Well, it looks like someone has been reading the Orwell is Watching blog”. Uh – yeah…Fleming tries to follow Orwell, but he gets held up by the Mayor and Scales, who are arguing over the Mayor’s lack of interest in Scales’ proposed business venture. To save face, Peter informs Scales that he will remove him from the train. However, Scales takes this opportunity to try and out him as Chess but is met with laughter. So, Scales punches an ARK guard. “You want villains, I'll give you a proper villain.” He proceeds to try and heist the passengers himself.

Of course we have a Scales/Cape showdown on top of the moving train. Max helps Vince, however not for long as Scales kicks Vince off the train. (We know he will be okay.) Fleming up next – aims his gun on Scales. “You want a war? They release one train car from the train, and the braking system fails.  “This train is a runaway – we all need to help – right sheriff?”.

Scales and Max fight over the stolen money. “Hey Toto how's that knee”? Max and Rollo  cage Scales to try and get a handle on his nutty ass. In yet another flashback, we see that Scales got his nickname from a real circus of freaks who caged him up and tortured him. I kind of feel bad for the guy – until he starts hitting his face against the cage in an attempt to get out. Seriously.

So, the Cape and Fleming have to work to save the train and all aboard. They decide Fleming will go help cut the brake hose while Vince holds him. WTF – only on TV! Oh lord – a flashback to Fleming threatening his family. Fleming tries to get The Cape’s identity out of him while trying to cut the hose. Crisis averted, The Cape declares to Fleming  “I'm gonna end you. You're not as smart as you wish you were”. We get back to Scales, whose head has broken the cage, and he successfully escapes.

After all the hoopla, Max counts his money. Vince tells Max that in having them help him, he let himself forget that they steal from people. Sooner or later they will be on opposite sides of a loaded gun. Ruh-roh.

Lastly, in this seemingly never-ending episode, Vince and Orwell share a beer. He says he failed his mission. Orwell points out that he did put Fleming and Scales at odds. They discuss family and parental love while Vince wraps a birthday gift. Orwell tells him not to worry, next year he will be with Tripp on his birthday. You can see she has some daddy issues. He asks her where she is going to be next year. Hmmm. Our final scene is Vince leaving his gift for Tripp. The gift is a compass with a card bearing the sentiment “No journey too far. Your friend The Cape”.

I feel that the writers are trying to lump too many things in one episode. I still do not know how I feel about this show. What about you? Still watching? Hit the comments.