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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Archer, Episode 201– “Swiss Miss”

Seriously, if this is the first you are hearing of Archer then to quote Eddie Murphy, “Whaddya know from funny, ya bastards?” Along with South Park and The Venture Bros., Archer completes the animated trilogy of terror and you might just laugh yourself to death. Imagine 007 meets Homer Simpson and you get Sterling Archer, a good-looking, bumbling idiot of a mama’s boy secret agent who somehow manages to actually accomplish his missions. . . usually. Seriously, go buy season 1 now.

99 seconds of why you should be watching “Archer”

H. Jon Benjamin reprises his role as the secret agent without a clue as his mother Malory (head of Isis, the agency Archer works for) tries once again to maintain her indulgences, err…I meant keep the agency alive. To do this, Isis must secure the financial backing of a German tech mogul; doing so requires the protection of his slut of an underage spoiled whore of a daughter. This is an episode where Archer literally shines as an agent. Sadly no one believes that he is keeping his hands off the young German girl he is protecting and the sight gags will leave you in stitches (or maybe just leave your penis in stitches).

The season 2 opener was great but I did have some gripes. Season 1 was going in a particular direction with the identification of Archer’s real father and the premiere seems to have ignored that. Also there was the love “parallelogram” amongst Archer, Carol (aka Cheryl), Lana and Cyril which has not been fully resolved. Lana may have broken up with Cyril, but all the tension is still there as evident in the opening scene. I am hoping both themes are fully fleshed out in this new season because they made the first season awesome. I feel confident that some questions will be answered next episode. Archer airs Thursdays at 10PM on FX. NOW GO BUY THE DAMNED DVD!