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My Take On: The Search For Tobin Frost


Two weeks ago Andrea and I had the opportunity to see the film Safe House starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. After viewing the film we had the opportunity to speak with Director Daniel Espinosa the following day. Information pertaining to that interview will be available when we release our reviews.

Universal  released a tie in browser based game aptly titled The Search For Tobin Frost.  Players assume the role of a rookie C.I.A  agent assigned with apprehending the legendary  super spy .  A majority of you that grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s will immediately notice the similarities  between The Search For Tobin Frost and the classic Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego series.  Only in when searching for Tobin Frost you won’t the catchy song or Lynn Thigpen guiding you along.


Search For Tobin Frost


Gameplay is time based and you will need to work quickly to piece together the clues to catch Frost since every move you make eats away at your time. Players will get three clues along with options to bride witnesses, call Washington and travel to other locations. Universal added a layer of social networking integration via Facebook. By using your Facebook account you will be able to utilize the call to Washington option which will assist you in your mission. Your bribes and calls are limited so use them sparingly otherwise you’ll end up traveling to a location that has no significance which will hinder your mission and allow Frost to escape.I was not fortunate enough to catch him as you will see in the included video but I did catch him after a few tries.



The social media layer utilized in this film serves dual purpose in my opinion. It allows the studio to gauge audience participation and also assists in raising awareness of the film. More films should definitely use games like this to capture their audience on an interactive scale.


If you want to play something that will make you use your mind and challenge you then pause Farmville and give this game a shot. Can you catch Tobin Frost? If you can’t catch him at home make sure you catch him in theaters this Friday.  For further information about the film make sure to check out the official site.


If you caught Frost let us know in the comments.