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NN2D Review: Ghostbusters Plasma Series Wave 1

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During our coverage of Toy Fair 2020, we had the pleasure of seeing the fantastic Ghostbuster Plasma series line that Hasbro is bringing to shelves this year based on the original Ghostbusters film. Our partners at Nerd News Today managed to get their hands on the full wave of figures. They made some comparisons against some of the other Ghostbusters figures that have hit the market, including versions from Mattel and Diamond Select. Matt and Andrea also made some quality control comparisons against the Star Wars Black Series as well. If the Ghostbusters line is on your radar, this is a line of figures you do not want to pass up.

Here are some pics from Toy Fair showcasing the Ghostbusters Plasma Series line as well as some links if you want to purchase any of the figures.

Purchase Links

The Terror Dog is a build-a-ghost figure, much like Marvel Legends build-a-figure lines, so you'll need the full set if you want the Terror Dog.

If you prefer buying a full case of figures to ensure you get the full wave of figures, you can visit our friends at Entertainment Earth and order a case here. The wave 1 case will include the following 8 figures:

  • 1x Egon Spengler
  • 2x Ray Stantz
  • 2x Peter Venkman
  • 1x Winston Zeddemore
  • 1x Gozer
  • 1x Dana

Are the Ghostbuster Plasma Series on your radar? Will you be picking up a set? Let us know in the comments or let the NN2D crew know your thoughts via their YouTube channel. The NN2D team also reviewed some of the other figures from the line so make sure to check out those other reviews on their channel

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