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ECW Shane Douglas delivers a thrilling performance as two wrestlers face off in a wrestling ring in this exhilarating NN2D Retro Review.

NN2D Retro Review: ECW Shane Douglas Action Figure

Out of The Box, Into The Ring: Extreme Edition kicks off this week's content block as Matt, and I review the classic Shane Douglas figures from the Original San Francisco Toymaker's ECW line. Shane Douglas was part of some great ECW moments, including the iconic promo, where he tossed the NWA title in the trash and introduced the ECW Heavyweight title. “The Franchise” had a stellar ECW career with reigns as ECW World Champion and Television Champion. His various tenures in WCW and WWE were also memorable as he captured gold in both of those organizations. He even had a run in TNA during the promotion's early years as a performer, manager, and color commentator.

Check out some of the other ECW original action figure Matt and I reviewed including:

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