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One Piece World Seeker: A Challenge to Spider-Man?

A challenge awaits as a group of people stand on a wooden platform in the One Piece World Seeker.

Bandai Namco has released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming One Piece World Seeker. In this upcoming open world adventure, Luffy will have freedom unprecedented in a One Piece game. I dare say from the trailer that non-PS4 gamers may get their Spider-Man fix this year. Aside from using his Gum-Gum fruit powers to traverse the island, Luffy is seen using his haki. In particular, he is using Kenbunshoku haki (Mantra). In a video game, this will work similar to how spider-sense has in Spidey titles.

One Piece World Seeker - Kenbunshoku
Luffy's “color of observation”r to spider-sense

Common to almost every One Piece title, Busoshoku haki (color of arms) returns in One Piece World Seeker. Used for both defense and offense, this is when you see Luffy (or any One piece character) turn part or all of their body to metal. Not yet displayed in the game, we are likely to see Luffy use his Gear Fourth (Boundman) ability in later stages of the game. It would be amazing if the game also features Haoshoku (conqueror's) haki.

One Piece World Seeker - Elephant Gun
Gum-Gum Elephant Gun is no joke

While no date is set on One Piece World Seeker, this will be a title to watch out for at e3. It would be great for this game to come out during the summer, but fall or winter is more likely. Of course, R.A.G.E. Works will keep you posted. One Piece World Seeker is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this year.