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Pokémon Black & White Giveaway – Victini

Nintendo is going full steam ahead with the promotion of Pokémon during February and March. Three pokémon downloadable giveaways and already the announcement of the first fifth generation giveaway: Victini! The Victory pokémon is not only the first to be given away form the Black/White series, it is the first pokémon in the Unova pokédex. Actually numbered zero because it is thought to only be a myth in the Unova region, players will have a chance to make it a reality if they buy Pokémon Black or White when it launches on March 6th.

Details are scarce, but here is what is known: It is a fire/Psychic type, so it is weak against water, ground and dark attacks. It probably cannot breed, but that remains to be seen. Players will have to download the Liberty Pass via Nintendo’s WFC in order to get to Liberty Island where Victini is waiting in a basement at level 15. At on 1’4” tall, it has some pretty nice stats, with a max HP of 404, and all other stats max at 328 (depending on nature and training, of course). Even though you can get the item you need to reach Victini from day 1, you probably have to beat the game before you can reach Liberty Island, or at least get all or most of the gym badges. The giveaway period is from March 6th – April 10th, so get your copy early and download the liberty pass immediately. Full details will soon be available at www.pokemonblackwhite.com

Victini stats provided by www.serebii.net