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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Young Justice Episode 105 – “Schooled”

Let’s take a look at the top three members of the Justice League. Superman, one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe, is number one. Wonder Woman, the princess of the Amazons, is a born warrior. She has beaten gods to submission and could potentially take down Superman; she is number three. Number two is Batman, a regular guy. Sure he is trained in escape and martial arts and has a good head on his shoulders; but he has zero powers.  In Episode 5, “Schooled,” Superboy is going to find out the hard way that power isn’t always everything.

Kid Flash learns he may not be fast enough

The episode opens in Metropolis where an accident on a bridge threatens to send a school bus full of children into the river. Both Superman and Superboy are on the scene and Batman (as Bruce Wayne) looks on from a Wayne Industries building he happens to be in. Superman was mending the bridge until Superboy’s landing almost makes it collapse. Superman saves the bus and the two have an exchange. As Superman tells Superboy that he needs to learn better control of his powers, Superboy asks for his help in learning that control. In classic “deadbeat dad” form, Superman answers a distress call and leaves Superboy on the bridge. Having witnessed it all, Batman tells Superman that they need to talk.

Back at the Justice Cave, Batman explains the mission Superman flew off on. It took 8 members of the League four hours to defeat Amazo, an android built by Professor Anthony Ivo, that can absorb the powers of its opponents. He explained that as stronger members of the League showed up, it became increasingly difficult to beat Amazo. Batman always tries to show the new team how important teamwork is but thanks to his little chat with Superman, Superboy isn’t trying to hear it. He figures he can beat anybody with his abilities, so Black Canary challenges him and things did not quite go as he’d planned. Batman tasks the Young Justice team with splitting into two groups to escort the remains of Amazo to two different branches of Star Labs for study. The purpose is to keep the parts separate so that the android cannot be rebuilt. Of course, Ivo intervenes and rebuilds his toy, setting it loose on YJ. After getting the spit kicked out of him halfway through Robin’s school, Superboy decides its time to listen to what Black Canary told him and he manages to best Amazo, who had the powers of Superman, Black Canary, Captain Atom, The Martian Manhunter and Red Tornado at his disposal. The episode ends with him telling Black Canary that he is ready to listen to her.

I like that the early episodes of the show are pointing out the growing pains of a new team. Too many shows in the past have introduced viewers to new characters that just  work together magically. We have seen Young Justice struggle with teamwork, leadership and battle strategy. On top of that, they are to be the Justice League of tomorrow where they should be cohesive as a unit so that all had to come from somewhere. And in case anyone out there is completely stumped, this episode is the unofficial first appearance of Arrowette, because that was not Speedy’s arrow that Robin picked up. Hopefully she shows herself in episode 6 and gives Kid Flash a new green girl to drool over.