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R.A.G.E. Works Halloween Giveaway for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends!

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - cover

Happy Halloween to all of our fans! Due to restrictions (we won't discuss) we cannot give you any candy but we still have something sweet for you! Thanks to our good friends at BH Impact and Jagex we have Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Foundation Packs to give away.

Chronicle: Runescape Legends - Foundation Pack

The Foundation Pack gives you the following:

  • 10 Card Packs
  • 100 Platinum Premium Currency

If you want yours, all you have to do is retweet the announcement for today's livestream. Of course, if you are a HITMAN fan, feel free to join that as well. Make sure you also like us on our Facebook fan page and subscribe to Slick's YouTube channel so you never miss out on our content or contests!


Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Halloween Giveaway


One foundation pack given per entrant. While supplies last.

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