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The R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream, Episode# 56

HITMAN - Hokkaido

In the words of Bruce Buffer, “IT'S TIME!” Seven and a half months of secrets, sniping and Jordan Cross references have been leading up to this day. Later today Agent 47 will arrive in Hokkaido, Japan. In the mission titled “Situs Inversus,” he will eliminate two targets. One of them happens to be his boss, ICA Director, Erich Soders. That's one hell of a severance package.

Random trivia time: Situs Inversus is an extremely rare medical condition where a person is born with the position of their organs swapped. Basically their organ makeup would be a mirror image of what is standard. Other than congenital heart failure, these people generally live normal lives.

The mission takes place in super high-tech hospital/resort. It has all the comforts and for two very special guests it will even offer euthanization! This is one of the biggest streams of the year so don't miss it folks!