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R.A.G.E. Works & Royal Flush Magazine Want To Give You A Moto X

It wasn't that long ago that we reviewed the Moto X right here on RW and we deemed it a great phone with a ton of awesome features.  Motorola was kind enough to let us give the device to one lucky RAGE Works/Royal Flush Magazine fan. How can I win this phone you ask? Well, the rules are easy. All you have to do is comment on this very post with a compelling reason as to why you need this phone. Be creative, be funny, and don't forget photos – they will certainly help your case. Are you still using a flip phone (gasp)? Did your dog bury your phone in your neighbor's backyard? Does that crack in your screen look like Jesus? Explain and make us believe that you can definitely use this phone. Most compelling story wins.  That's it. Easy huh?

**Please sure that after you leave you comment you fill in the form below so we can track all the entrants.**

Moto X Giveaway

Contest begins today (4/26/15) and runs through May 3rd. The winner will be announced on the live May 7th edition of My Take Radio.

The winning story will be chosen by RW / Royal Flush. Winner will need to provide a shipping address within 24 hours of the end of the contest.

  1. I must have this phone in my pocket now! I am a full time mother with a very wild toddler that absolutely loves technology of all sorts. Unfortunately my phone has been through its fair shares of saliva, tears, food, urine and oh yes the occasional poop. It has survived a wonderful swim in my toilet and soaked at the end of the day in a big bowl of rice to revive it. It has been dropped more times than any college student dropping college classes. It has even shut off on its own on very important phone calls like, job interviews, doctors results, and appointment reminders. It even has the hotts for me…..(oh yes it overheats). This phone will be a miracle for me! Thank you for the opportunity to possible win this phone and part with my old one!

  2. I love this phone because i love its furious performance,camera quality and design,i need this because i can’t afford it so i really need it my older phone don’t show window properly that’s why i really need it I am a selfie freak so it will be best for me because machine choose the owner

  3. i lost my job last year so i had to get rid of my actual phone. i have now a job but no motivation to get a new phone. hence i have been using the “obama” phone. this thing can barely make calls like the president can barely use his executive actions. the colors on it are cool though, this way no one thinks i am for either political party. so please have pity on my poor soul and allow me to own a super cool smart phone. thanks rage works and royal flush mag!

  4. Maaaan, because I’m still using an 8 year old Iphone 3G (on a pre-paid plan) that turns off when it gets too hot and has to be put in the freezer to turn back on. I WISH I were kidding, Haha.

  5. As a T-Moblie user for years, this would work right up my alley, i use my phone more than my labtop anyway so something like this very high tech would work, This would be a great way for me to upgrade to a higher level than i usually do. Paying like crazy for a big time phone is something i never been able to do so i just take a little upgrade. With this contest i’m like what the picture says get’em because i’m on this.

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