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RAGE Works 2018 Holiday Gift Guide | Games

RAGE Works presents its highly-anticipated Holiday Gift Guide for 2018, featuring a curated selection of the best games on the market.
RAGE Works presents its highly-anticipated Holiday Gift Guide for 2018, featuring a curated selection of the best games on the market.

The holiday season is in full swing and if you're unsure of what to get your loved ones this holiday we hope our gift guide can help. We're giving you a mix of gaming, gadgets, toys, and collectibles this year to choose from. Let's get the ball rolling with our gaming recommendations. There will be separate guides for some of the other stuff we cover.


A nintendo switch with a red and blue logo.

The Nintendo Switch gave Nintendo a much need shot in the arm and the momentum has not stopped for this unique console. Nintendo not only delivered a fun and versatile piece of hardware but also made it attractive to 3rd party publishers. One you add in the great titles that have been released this year it makes the Switch our top console recommendation.

Holiday Gift Guide: A black PlayStation 4 console with two controllers, perfect for gifting this season.

While Nintendo changed the versatility of consoles Sony doubled down on delivering stellar first party offerings. 2018 truly belonged to Sony with games such as God of War and Spider-Man leading the charge. The PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro are both solid additions to any home this holiday season. If you are looking for a 4K Blu-ray player unfortunately you will either need to look at a standalone player or one of Microsoft's consoles if you need that versatility.


We have something for everyone with our gaming recommendations including some from our very own Slick.

Introducing the ultimate addition to your 2018 Holiday Gift Guide - God of War for PlayStation 4. Immerse yourself in this action-packed game recommended by RAGE Works.

The recent game of the year winner is a solid addition to any PlayStation 4 collection. The compelling story and gameplay made Kratos adventures the topic of discussion through most of the year.  Give it to someone this holiday season.

Marvel Spider-Man PS4 is an action-packed game featuring the iconic superhero. With stunning graphics and thrilling gameplay, this game is perfect for any fan of the Marvel universe. Get ready to swing through the

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was back on consoles this year and Insomniac gave us a stellar adventure with plenty of fan service. If you're a Spidey fan this one is a must. Checkout Slick's review here.

Here are the games that made Slick's nice list this year.

Disgaea 1 Complete - The Ultimate Game for PS4 Players!

if this were not a remake, it would be my game of the year. It is funny, and does not take itself serious at all. The gameplay will keep you at it for months (literally). Probably the best mechanics I have seen in a strategy RPG. Check out my review of the game here.

Get the ultimate gaming experience with Hitman 2 PS4 Gold Edition from our Holiday Gift Guide. Step into the shoes of a skilled assassin and immerse yourself in this thrilling game packed with

For $80 ($19.99 DLC) you get  and HITMAN 2 using the latter's game engine. The sequel by itself is fantastic if you like the stealth action of Agent 47. The Legacy pack (HITMAN 2016) remixes all the original and expansion levels with the beautiful graphics and gameplay engine of the sequel. This is my personal GOTY 2018.

Just cause 4 day one edition ps4 games.

A guilty pleasure. Ii is not winning any GOTY awards, but you run around and blow shit up. What could be bad about that?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch is a must-have game featured in the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. With intense battles and a massive roster of beloved characters, this game guarantees endless fun

Do I really need to say why?

The logo for katamari damacy reroll, featured in the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

One of my favorite games of all time is on the Switch now. A must-own

We hope these gaming recommendations help you find your loved ones a great gift or new console. Keep it locked to RAGE Works for our other gift guides. 

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