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Retrovibe - B.I.O.T.A.

Retrovibe Announces 5 New Pixel Adventures

Retrovibe is a publisher aiming to bring a new wave of retro titles to gamers. In the trailer, you see that there are five new indie games they will publish. Look forward to live streams from the developers that will talk about their games as they play. So far, we have had Onix Games showing Janosik 2 and Tactical Dogs showing The Looter. Catch a new presentation from a developer each day on Retrovibe's Twitch and YouTube channels.

Retrovibe stream schedule
About Retrovibe

As a small team of experienced industry specialists, we believe in the beauty and simplicity of old-school gaming. We work hand-in-hand with indie developers to bring the best new retro games to life on modern platforms by ensuring the developers’ only focus is their game. By being partners and supporters, and not a soulless corporation, the passionate developers we work with can bring their ideas to life with confidence.

Janosik 2

Janosik 2 is a retro action-platformer with metroidvania elements. Jump, slash, dodge roll, dive, smash and bash your way through deadly traps. Mischievous villains, troublesome bosses and more await you on your journey. You’ve never played a fairytale this cheerful and deadly. For more information on Janosik 2 and the original Janosik, please visit Onix Games.

The Looter

Step into the land of Tortura, a giant forest that witnessed civilization's last gasp. You are a looter, a man making his living by scavenging the remnants of a lost age. Fight your way through brutal reality of humankind at its end. Explore the story of the land and people, discovering dark power lurking in the shadows. For more info on The Looter, please visit Tactical Dogs.

There's More to Come!

There's more to look forward to in June! Each weekday at 1 PM EDT, a different developer will discuss their game while showing it in action. Visit Retrovibe for links to all of the games they publish and keep it here as more news develops!