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Hitman Makes This Weekend Memorable

HITMAN - 47 in Morocco

Hitman is going to be in rare form over the next couple of days. Ladies and gentlemen, I want ot wish you all a happy, safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I will be somewhere in Morocco (not really) searching for new targets. Remember that last Friday we told you that this Friday Agent 47 will receive his second Elusive Target. That will be a one and done experience where you either succeed or fail. Fans thought that because of this update they would not get a new location until sometime in June. Lo and behold ye of little faith! Io Interactive is doing their part so far to get an update out once a month as 47 will tra=vel to Marrakesh on Tuesday, May 31. Hitman will get a whole new set of targets and escalations. I for one cannot wait to see how creative the team is in this location. Let's have a recap of some memorable moments:

  • During his final exam, 47 had Jasper Knight “dancing with the stars.”
  • In Paris, our favorite Hitman went with the flow and vogued before bringing the house down on Viktor Novikov.
  • In Sapienza, he turned Silvio Caruso into a pirate and awakened the Kraken!

There is nothing funny about murder and R.A.G.E. works in no way endorses (unsanctioned) violence of any kind. However this is a video game and as adults we have to appreciate the humor that Square Enix and Io Interactive provide. I cannot wait to see what kind of hijinks 47 gets into when Hitman moves to Morocco next week.

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