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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Young Justice, Episode 104 – “Drop Zone”

Episode Four of Young Justice, titled “Drop Zone” welcomes viewers to the island paradise of Santa Prisca. The problem is that it is not so much of a paradise at the moment. The opening segment shows Bane, fully juiced get the snot beaten out of him in about thirty seconds flat. Santa Prisca is the birthplace of Bane, along with his monstrously fast-acting steroid, Venom. So what is this new formula that makes a guy so big he rips his skin and his musculature shows (eww)? What do Kobra and Sportsmaster have to do with all of this? I guess you had better catch the replay.

After Batman dispatches the Young Justice team to Santa Prisca about a week later, the team is faced with yet another test: Amid this covert reconnaissance mission, they must determine who will lead the team. Having the most disciplined training of any of them, Robin immediately assumes that he should be the one. Kid Flash feels he should lead, but probably only because he does not want to lose anything to Robin. Superboy does not want the role and  Megan feels that she made enough of a mess at Happy Harbor against Mister Twister (last ep). Once again the team makes an initial mess of things as Robin runs off, Kid Flash finds out that running at super speed in the jungle is not easy and Miss Martian finds out that Sportsmaster can detect her while she’s invisible. Super strength is the only thing that saves Superboy from getting his arm broken by Bane. What was supposed to be a covert mission quickly devolves into a run for your lives fiasco where the quick thinking of Aqualad is all that saves the team. Given a moment to breathe, the entire team agrees that Aqualad is the only sensible leader of the team – he accepts the burden but only until Robin, who he feels is the proper leader, is ready to assume the mantle.

So the team is coming together, but still no Arrowette. The group behind Cadmus, known as “The Light” is getting a bit pissed that Young Justice continues to thwart them. This will be a very interesting season if it even remotely follows the comics (which supposedly it won’t). Keep a close eye on Superboy and possibly on Miss Martian (remember there are two types of Martian). There is a lot of potential in Young Justice, actually a lot more than there was in Teen Titans. This show could easily be as good or even better than Justice League was because it has a much larger pool of heroes and villains to swim in. I definitely recommend that people keep an eye on this new Cartoon Network hit which has managed to uproot Sym-Bionic Titan from its normal time slot and airing day.