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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Archer, Episode 202 – “A Going Concern”

It seems the old saying proves true once again that if you ask, you shall receive. In my recap of last week’s new episode of Archer, I griped that the storylines introduced in season one were not being addressed. With the insanity level of this show, that would almost be understandable, but when you grow a fanbase off of a continuity you have to maintain it. Thankfully, tonight’s episode, “A Going Concern,” brings us right back to where season one left off.

“And people in hell want ice water.” Strong words heard from Isis owner Malory Archer when (Sterling) Archer finally confronts her about lying to him his entire life about who his father is. He does this as he presents her with the microchip that her ex-boyfriend, Major Nikolai Jackov (director of the KGB) previously implanted in Archer’s brain (see season one finale). During the argument, he also learns that his mother plans to sell Isis to their top competitor, Odin and that she is marrying Odin head honcho, Len Drexler, who also just might be Archer’s father. Mama was a rollin’ stone and now it seems that mama is broke. She lost all of her money in a scam and selling Isis is her only way out. Archer is determined to stop this from happening and he needs all of Isis’ staff to help him.

It’s all about teamwork, and hallucinogenics it seems, as Pam cannot stop smoking weed and  Cheryl, Krieger and all of the Odin foot soldiers are addicted to LSD. Oh, I also forgot that Cyril is addicted to the pills his doctor gave him to deal with his sex addiction (again, season one). The six idiots pictured above cook up the most retarded plan ever to stop the sale of Isis and somehow, it works. Kids, don’t try this at home; drilling a hole in a man’s skull is bad in any case. It is even worse when you do it while high off your ass on LSD…apparently it also makes you play with your nipples while you torture your “patient.” I wish you guys would stop looking at me like that, I didn’t make this stuff up.

Commercial for Archer – “A Going Concern”

This episode made me breathe a sigh of relief. It was not as funny as the season opener, but it was the episode fans needed to see because it tied up the loose ends of the season finale. Archer can now answer a cel phone without going insane and trying to kill people. Cyril is no longer a sex addict; now he is just a pill popper. Cheryl and Pam are just as  messed up as before and things are back to status quo at Isis, more or less. To the creators of this truly twisted program, I would just like to say thank you for creating a work of art that speaks directly…to the little voices in my head.