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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Young Justice, Episode 125 – “Usual Suspects”

Conner does his best Vegeta impression

We all know what has to happen now. for over half the season there has been talk of a “mole” within the ranks of the team. The team has suspected everyone except the founding members and Zatanna. Conner has even suspected himself, considering the possibility that Cadmus may have latent programming in his brain he is unaware of. All of this led up to the team defeating Parasite in Geneva. At that moment, witnessing the dedication of his prime suspects, Red Arrow declared that there is no mole. So like I said, you know what has to happen now and I don’t even have to say it.

M'gann in her very own music video!

TRILOGY OF TRUST The team is watching a live news report covering the induction of new Justice League members at the Hall of Justice, from inside the same. The new members are the result of the vote seen in Agendas. Before the ceremony ends, Robin intercepts a League alert that Cheshire is boarding a private jet. The team moves to intercept but only finds a crash site with no survivors. Tragedy turns to ambush as Cheshire, Mammoth, Riddler, Shimmer and agents with Apokoliptan tech try to take them down for good. The plan might have worked save for Superboy using his last shield to beat Mammoth into the side of a cliff, nearly killing Artemis.After being debriefed by Batman, Superboy, Artemis and Miss Martian reveal their deepest secrets and finally put all their trust in the team.

Robin does his best Naruto impression

PUT OUT THAT LIGHT! When Superboy reveals the secret of his human heritage, he apologized for deceiving the team. He pretty much knew that he could trust his teammates. Artemis and M’gann just figured it was time to stop lying. Artemis was shocked to find out that Robin already knew about her family, which he alluded to in Secrets. M’gann was even more surprised to find out that Conner knew about her true form since their mission in Bialya. With all secrets revealed, the trio sees what being a team is all about. And so the trio goes to Santa Prisca as planned and carries out a deception that brings about the capture of Bane, Blockbuster and Sportsmaster. Unfortunately, Luthor and Queen Bee escape. Artemis lets her sister go as payback for saving her life. It seems as though the day is won, but when dealing with The Light, a win is never totally a win. More often it is much more of a loss.

Nobody told me it was prayer time!

YOU’VE GOT A LITTLE MOLE ON YOUR NECK  The shock of the season comes as the mole is revealed. So many leads pointed to the suspected trio and there was even reason to believe that it could be one of the the original members except for maybe Kid Flash. I guess in the case of Red Arrow, the old saying “whoever smelt it, dealt it,” is more than fitting. His disorientation at realizing it implies some sort of brainwashing or possibly a spell since Klarion is a factor. We really won’t know more until the season finale.

Peace be with you. And with your spirit.

The penultimate episode of this season was simply the best yet. The finale better be spectacular which is almost a given since the only “heroes” remaining are a ragtag group of teenagers against Vandal Savage’s “Light” and the entire Justice League. I think I am most worried with how the team intends to stop Batman. Everyone else on the team save Plastic Man is more powerful than him, but, he’s Batman. There is Kryptonite for Superman and the team has both powerhouses and skilled fighters to deal with the likes of Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Green Lanterns are tricky, but not unbeatable. The hawks you don’t want to fight for very long and Rocket and Zatanna will have to be used to deal with Icon and Dr. Fate. It’s gonna go down hard next episode, and I hope the team lives to see the New Year.

"It's good ta be da king."
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