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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Young Justice Invasion, Episode 203 – “Alienated”

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Things are heating up very quickly this season; now that M’gann has discovered what the missing six JL members did five years ago, new questions will arise from the answers she provides. Sardath’s zeta shield is going to make life really difficult for the Kroloteans once Adam Strange and the Justice League implement it on Earth. An armed response would make sense, but I cannot see those mechs or even their ship lasting very long against even Superman alone. Against the League and the team, they do not stand a chance. So if the little gremlins are partners to The Light and they have basically been grounded, what does this mean for our magnificent seven hidden villains?

Give this man, woman, uh thing a PONY! Right you are!

KROLOTEAN KRUSH When Zeta team returns to Earth, Miss Martian explains to Nightwing, Captain Atom, John Stewart and Wonder Woman exactly how the Kroloteans were able to set up shop on a xenophobic planet like Rann and how that also allowed them to come to Earth. They stole Zeta tech from Sardath and used it to travel between the two worlds.She is unsure as to why, but she also reveals how they came to learn of Earth. When Vandal Savage had control of the league, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, John Stewart, Hawkwoman and Martian Manhunter were sent to a planet called Rimbor to cause as much havoc and destruction as possible. Once again, the why is unclear, but this is what brought the Kroloteans and The Light together in the first place. Another one of M’gann’s famous interrogations allowed her to learn the Krolotean rendezvous point. A team and league effort is made to stop the Kroloteans once and for all.

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GLORIOUS No sooner than the threat of the Kroloteans went public do we see the emergence of one G. Gordon Godfrey (voiced by the always awesome Tim Curry). Godfrey comes off as your standard, smarmy English prick with an opinion, but something does not sit right. It is no big deal that he has a dissenting opinion of the Justice League; that is what freedom of speech is for. The problem with him is that his questions are more like accusations. He suggests that the JL has known about the Kroloteans and is only now doing something because the race was exposed on TV. He goes on to suggest that the league is hiding a great many things from the public and that they may not be the heroes they claim to be. Quick flashback to the episode, Disordered. Remember that Desaad was working with Intergang to provide them weapons from Apokolips. Well guess who else is a servant of Darkseid? Good ol’ “Glorious” Gordon Godfrey has the power of persuasion and is clearly trying to lower public opinion of the Justice League. Smallville fans will also remember that he and Desaad were heralds of Darkseid, along with Granny Goodness. I’d wager real money that he somehow gets footage of the six attacking Rimbor from five years ago. When the JLA gets home from Rimbor, they may find a public that is less than welcoming.

Dammit girl, he was just about to give me my lucky lotto numbers!

FADING GREEN Miss Martian is headed further and further down a dark path. She lobotomized a second Krolotean in this episode in order to learn where the rest are hiding. Superboy has noticed how irresponsibly she is using her powers but he has yet to really try to speak to her about it. I think he sees the potential danger of this behavior but just doesn’t yet know what he can do about it. What’s more is the person best equipped to prevent her descent  just left the planet to stand trial. With her Uncle J'onn gone, she has even less of an influence to ground her in the “green” mentality. I will be keeping  a close eye on her actions in future episodes. I do not want to see another of the team switch sides.

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SILENT PARTNER When Robin's team took down the Krolotean base in New Orleans, the alien leader referred to their competitor when he saw Blue Beetle. On Malina Island, the Bibbo impostor was also referring to Blue Beetle when he said he was attacked by one of the Competitor’s warriors. When the team and league raid the island, a shadowed figure plants the bomb that kills all the Kroloteans inside. According to Vandal Savage, this was the work of the Kroloteans' competitor, who is the new partner to The Light. All of this substantiates my theory that The Reach will be making an appearance this season. They are the only race that Blue Beetle could be mistaken for, considering his armor is of their race. As usual, I could be wrong, but it is highly unlikely considering the evidence.

Not what he meant when he asked for a facial.

SUPERMAN'S FAILURE I usually take pleasure in bashing blue boy, but it was really messed up how he failed to save the Kroloteans from dying.. Their level of ignorance was staggering. His whole team gets out in a hurry and he stays behind pleading with them but they do not believe him. They repaid his kindness with enough firepower to blow a hole through the volcano they were hiding in. He just took all of it in hopes that they would realize that he was sincere, but there was not enough time. I have no love for the little gremlin bastards, but it sucks that their stupidity cost them their lives. The explosion was nowhere near enough to kill Superman, but that loss of life is bound to mess with his head. I also have the feeling that The Light may somehow try to use that against him when he goes on trial on Rimbor. Doctored footage may somehow land in the hands of the prosecution.

You have something in your throat? Here, let me help you...CHOP!

BETRAYAL Previously I wondered what had happened to Kaldur’ahm as he had not been seen since the end of season one. The answer turned out to be one no one wanted to believe. Early in the first season, I mentioned that Kaldur'ahm was the son of Black Manta. It seems that the only ones aware of this fact were Aquaman and Black Manta himself. Apparently somewhere in the five year jump, Kaldur had an Empire Strikes Back moment with Black Manta after Tula died. He now sides with his father against his former king and goes by the name Manta, wearing a similar costume to his father’s original. I am highly upset by this turn of events as Aqualad was one of my favorite members of the team. Why Tula’s death would make him go all Anakin is beyond me; there has to be more to the story as she was not even his girlfriend. I am hoping that maybe he is just playing along with his father and this season it is The Light who have a mole in their midst.

It disturbs me that you always want to grab big balls.

So, we know that the Krolotean that impersonated Bibbo somehow detected the scarab on Jaime’s back. This is tech that would be extremely useful if The Reach have agents on Earth other than the Partner. Hopefully while on Rimbor, the Justice League find more Kroloteans and can work out some kind of “enemy of my enemy is my friend” deal, since there are very few, if any, left on Earth. This is a big turning point for the team. Eight members of the Justice League have left for an indeterminate amount of time to clear the league name. During that time, I have no doubt that G. Gordon Godfrey will step up his verbal assault on the JL. The Light and their new partner will also cause all kinds of havoc and the team will probably have to work even harder than the remaining league members. Fortunately, under Robin's command they function extremely well. Their ability to divide and conquer will likely be all that keeps them alive, assuming all of them make it through the coming invasion. I cannot stress enough how much I hate seeing Aqualad as a bad guy. Part of the issue is that he is really good at it but he never struck me as one that enjoys violence or causing suffering. It will really be terrible if the team has to take him down for real.

Dammit, this is gonna ruin the paint and I still have six more payments!

BADASS MOMENT The bioship trying to escape the bomb from hell was easily the most awesome visual for this episode. We all saw it in the trailer, but seeing it  in context somehow made it even crazier.

Got this idea from Phineas & Ferb.
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