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Spartacus Season 3: Well I’ll Be Damned!

Sadly, it has been announced that this coming 3rd season of Starz’ highest rated series Spartacus will be it’s last hurrah. We also finally have a title: “Spartacus: War of the Damned”. Well, damn that’s catchy…and ominous!


Photo: Entertainment Weekly (ew.com)























However, show creator Steven S. Knight promises that the last 10 episodes will be the best yet. They are pulling out all the stops for the war against those pesky Romans, and I am certain that it will be bloodier than anything we’ve seen before, and we have seen a LOT. I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from a series that has made my blood curdle numerous times.

As you may have read here before, during the final season new foes Julius Caesar and Marcus Crassus will surely be forces to be reckoned with for our favorite Rebel Army, leaving us loyal fans chomping for more. (Well, someone had to take over as Head Baddie since Glaber’s entire body ate a sword.)

I am sure that Spartacus: War of the Damned will go out with a bang. Check out the teaser trailer: