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Slick’s Quick Hits: Dead Rising 2

Killing Zombies is a guilty pleasure of mine. While I am not the biggest Resident Evil enthusiast (which hasn’t had zombies lately anyway), I am big into Left 4 Dead 2. Dead Rising 2 looks like it is going to continue with that level of fun because now you have drop in/drop out co-op available. This one will also not be an X-Box 360 exclusive, as it seems this year devs are either realizing they need to be universal or some seem to have shifted support to the PS3.

The new main character is named Chuck Green and the story seems to make a bit more sense than Frank West’s tale. Green is trying to save his daughter (see first vid) and stay alive vs. stay alive long enough to get a story. Combo weapons look like they will make this one a wild success.

I really hope they do something about the load times. The gameplay map is frikkin’ huge!

He put a mask on the zombie before killing him. That’s just wrong. And he found RIBS!?!?!?? Oh I am so getting this game.

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