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Stardust Vanguards Comes to PS4

Stardus Vanguards - splash

Stardust Vanguards was a hit with retro fans last year on PC. On January 19, it hits the PlayStation 4 and lets up to four players have a free for all on one another. For some unknown reason, yet another game that would do so well online only has local multiplayer though. I guess that is another way the game is retro. Blast your opponents off the map to gain reinforcement points. THe more points you have, the larger your army is when you call them in to battle your foes! Stardust Vanguards will also randomly interrupt matches to introduce a fifth, NPC faction that you will then team up with friends to eliminate. Check out the trailer and enjoy the frantic action when Stardust Vanguards hits the PS4 digitally next Tuesday for $9.99.

Also, if you enjoyed the music in the trailer, be sure to download the OST!

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