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Steel Rats Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Last October brought us an obscure cinematic trailer for Steel Rats. It featured a dystopian future seemingly ruled by machines. The only viable method of resistance is riding weaponized chopper-style bikes. Aside from that, all we knew was to expect the game this year. Now we finally have gameplay to show you.

Steel Rats - 06

While the main objective of the game is still unknown, the trailer lets us know what to expect. A hybrid of racing, platforming and side-scrolling combat make up Steel Rats' gameplay. The stunt system will make for some interesting bike riding. Players will up and over enemies with jumps, 2.5-D movement, vertical and even ceiling racing. The promise of a solid indie title is there. Stay tuned to R.A.G.E. Works to see where Tate Multimedia takes this one.

Steel Rats - 07