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Techland Lets Fans Get An Early Taste of Dying Light

If you are like me and just cannot wait to get your hands on Dying Light in late January, this video is for you. I have seen a few other use this method to “demo” their game before. It works very well and I hope more developers use it and expand upon it. Techland, through YouTube, has recreated the “choose your adventure” system in video form. Your mission is to reestablish communications with the safe zone at the radio tower. This is no easy task in the city of Harran because every step could literally be your last outside of a safe zone. As the video shows your character using parkour to both dispatch and avoid enemies, you get to choose what happens next at several points in the twenty-six minute adventure. I made it to the end and took minimal damage, so I am not sure if you can “fail” this mission. I really hope that Techland does at least one or two more of these before the game launches. An actual demo on consoles would be preferable, but this is still a great way to introduce people to your title and build hype.