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Telltale Games Brings us Episode Four of The Walking Dead: Season Two

Clementine is a young girl lost in a world unsuitable for man; it is even worse for a child. Since the beginning of this story, Clementine has had nothing to lose and yet she continues to see what little she has left disappear. A child should not have to see the things she sees and yet she continues to move forward. She continues to do the only thing that she can do: live. Telltale Games’ award-winning series set in the world of Robert Kirkman’s comic book, The Walking Dead, is wrapping up its second season. On July 23rd (22nd on PC and 24th on iOS), Xbox Live and PlayStation Network owners can get their hands on The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode Four – “Amid the Ruins.” This is the final episode before this season’s finale and fans will not want to miss what happens next. For those who cannot wait to sink their teeth in, here is a taste:

Nothing lasts forever, not even innocence.