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The Dead Rising Series Shambles Its Way To Current Consoles

Dead Rising is a perfect example of the best thing for your shiny new Xbox One S or your PS4. You know, that one thing that fans never get tired of after spending their hard earned cash on an expensive new game console: last-gen remakes!

Who cares about brand new titles when you can play games that are probably sitting in your house right now in shiny 1080p!

OK, OK, on a much less sarcastic note, the Dead Rising series is a fan favorite. Out of the onslaught of zombie games that hit the last console gen, it is the only series that gives the literal satisfaction of mowing down zombies. Of course I mean that with a lawnmower. Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are all coming to PS4 and Xbox One in September. You can pick up the individual titles for $19.99 each or go all in for $49.99. Remember that Dead Rising 3 is available now, exclusively on Xbox One. Dead Rising 4 comes exclusively to Xbox One this December.

The initial launch of these anniversary editions will be on September 13, 2016. Along with the console releases, the original Dead Rising will also launch on Steam that day. The physical copies will hit stores on September 27, 2016. Get ready to bring the apocalypse to the zombies this fall.

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