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HITMAN 3 - Dartmoor Garden Show cover

The HITMAN 3 Dartmoor Garden Show is Here!

HITMAN 3 has a brand new, free content update today. This will allow players to experience the Dartmoor level in a whole new way. The Dartmoor Garden Show is a permanent bonus mission. New challenges a new suit unlock and more are available now. Free Starter Pack owners will have access to this content through August 17th. The garden show content is separate from the current Season of Lust DLC update.

About the HITMAN 3 Dartmoor Garden Show

This unique event is Dartmoor like you’ve never seen it before. With bright skies above, four distinct gardens have been installed in the mansion grounds. They showcase the pinnacle of horticultural excellence from around the world. Each garden has been curated by a world-class gardener that will present their best blooms to three judges. You might recognize these judges from the opening of the Burj Al-Ghazali in Dubai. Unique installations, new gardeners and returning characters as the judges; there’s a lot going on – but we’re just getting started.

A Dream Come True?

I literally woke up to the Garden Show trailer so I have not completed the escalation as yet. This particular unlock could have huge HITMAN 3 implications. Deterministic Mode's description literally says you can pick your targets on each level. While it looks to be only this contract thus far, the idea of being able to edit escalation contracts is huge. If this works the way I think and is eventually expanded upon, HITMAN 3 fans should be very excited.