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The Walking Dead – A New Frontier Finale Trailer

I said that the teaser image confirmed it, but hearing Javier say “she's gone” with regards to Kate hits home. Five days remain until the big one. Telltale Games is looking to make this the most powerful finale in the series. Clementine has had to kill loved ones before. Odds are you chose to shoot Lee instead of letting him become a walker. You either shot Kenny or watched him plunge a knife into Jane's heart.

The Walking Dead A new Frontier - characters

. . . but this is the first time that real family has had to fight. David vs. Javier, blood vs. blood is going to be a brawl. Clementine said that “it is not going to end well for everyone.” Get your tissues ready folks, The season finale of The Walking Dead – A New Frontier launches May 30. You'd best believe that the R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream will have it here for your viewing pleasure!