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The Walking Dead Spotlights Michonne In a New Telltale Game

The Walking Dead - Michonne's Story

The Walking Dead games from Telltale are a set of poignant tales about a different group of survivors than those we see on TV or in comics. In two seasons worth of terror, the only character from the original story we ever saw was Glenn. On February 23, Telltale will shift focus back to one of the most popular characters in The Walking Dead original story: Michonne. In Robert Kirkman‘s comics, Michonne disappeared from Rick‘s group between issues 126 through 139. The Walking Dead: Michonne will address where she was, what she did and why she rejoined the group. This is the first time Telltale has given us a story that fits into the continuity of Rick's group. While I am dying to see what is next for Clementine, this story will garner much attention because a much larger base of fans can identify with the protagonist this time.

If you can't wait until February 23 to find out what is going on with Rick's right hand blade (no puns, I know he has no right hand in the comics), check out Telltale Games‘ YouTube channel this Sunday evening at 8:30PM Eastern. Calm down, I am sure they are aware that The Walking Dead airs at 9PM and they will finish before then. Tune in and get a preview of Michonne's story and hear from the developers themselves what plans they have for her and maybe for some other favorites.