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Toys & Tech of the Trade: Rich/RAGE Works/My Take Radio

For this week's spotlight on Toys & Tech of the Trade, you, our valued readers, get to see firsthand what RAGE Works' illustrious mastermind Rich uses on a daily…hourly…by the minute basis. By the minute you ask? Yes – I am not being flippant. Rich is always connected, keeping his finger on the pulse of entertainment, MMA, wrestling and gaming to keep you all up to date. Always being on the cutting edge of everything tech is ingrained in Rich's blood. Give the man a new device, app or program and he's as happy as macaroni is with cheese. Read on to see what makes the grade.

Who are you and what do you do?: I am Rich and besides being the Editor-in-Chief of RAGE Works, I also host My Take Radio, MTR Behind The Mic, MTR Beyond The Mic and hopefully a reinvigorated Minority Film Report in the coming weeks. If it has to do with RAGE Works or MTR then I am usually the man behind the curtain.

Base of operations a/k/a home: Queens, New York

Current mobile device: Note 5

What do you like/dislike the most about your current mobile device?: Like: Being able to take notes without unlocking the phone, easy to screen grab images, battery life. Dislike: I miss the SD card slot and the ability to silence alarms with my voice. I am also annoyed they removed the one-touch dial widget.

Three mobile apps you can't live without: Snapseed for image editing, iSyncr/Rocket Player for music and podcasts of course and the My Fitness/Up apps to log my meals, steps and training sessions. (Yeah, I chose five…sue me.)

Show us your home screen:

Current Laptop or desktop: I am using an AMD powered rig I built myself with an octo-core processor. My laptop is a very capable Dell Inspiron with a robust i7 processor that can be used as a tablet.

Most used program/programs on laptop/desktop: Audacity for editing audio, Power Director for editing video and Google Remote Desktop to get into my desktop and laptop remotely.

Show us your desktop:

The first place you go when you open your phone or computer: Gmail to shed tears at the 50-100+ emails I get most days. Most are crap, of course, but I miss the days of inbox zero.

One website you recommend to people often: I recommend Feedly often because I read a lot of stuff on the web and its easier to just collect the RSS feeds from your favorite sites and read them at your own pace. The ability to use it across multiple devices is a big plus as well.

Favorite piece of tech besides your phone/computer: That's a tie between my Moto 360 and my Up 2 band. The Moto 360 mostly because it keeps me from fussing with the phone constantly and I can pause music without having to pull my phone out of my pocket. The Up 2 was recently sent to me by Jawbone to replace a damaged Up 24 and it has been a pleasure to use. Tracks my steps and my sleep along with providing caloric burn info which, while not super accurate, at least gives me a metric to follow.

What's playing in the background while you work?:  Usually the Tron: Legacy soundtrack on Spotify when I am feeling the need to be productive. If I am in my office it will be a podcast, which most times is Gary Vaynerchuk's Ask Gary Vee show, Profitcast or The Tim Ferris Show.

Gamer?: Since 1985 and still going

What are you playing?: I just finished Transformers: Devastation and am currently working on WWE 2K16. I hope to sit down with Assassin's Creed: Syndicate soon.

Last gaming purchase: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate for Xbox One

What item have you purchased recently that is less than $100 that has made your life easier or more enjoyable: A extremely comfortable pair of Nike Roshe sneakers. I love my Timberland boots, but once in a while the feet need a break.

Where can people find your work and connect with you?: You can connect with me here on RAGE Works or you can find me on Twitter @RAGE_Works or @MyTakeRadio and on Instagram: RAGEWorks_Rich.