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Toys & Tech of the Trade: Tony Polanco/ Geek.com & The Koalition

I have crossed paths with Tony more times than I can count, but it wasn't until that last few years I really started speaking to him via social media and at events and that is because we have a lot of similar interests. Tony is not only a hardcore gamer but holds his own when it comes to comics. The diversity of his content is a constant in the gaming space with him pulling double duty as a writer for Geek.com and the Koalition. When not delivering written content to the masses, Tony hosts the Throwdown podcast. Let's see what Toys & Tech Tony needs for work and play.

Who are you and what do you do?: I'm a cool dude who loves games. So much so that I decided to make a career out of it.

Base of operations aka home: I work from home in Queens, NYC.

Current mobile device: Samsung Galaxy S7 for my phone and Samsung Galaxy S tablet.

What do you like/dislike the most about your current mobile device?: My phone is basically my main means of getting work done and communicating with the world. My tablet is purely to read comics. Don't really have complaints about either. They get the job done.

Three mobile apps you can't live without: Twitter, Comixology, and the Google Chrome app.

Show us your home screen: You show me yours! lol Seriously though, I'm a lazy fuck and still have the factory home screen on both my phone and tablet lol.

Current Laptop or desktop: No laptop. My current desktop is a custom job. Has a GTX 960 graphics card (plan to upgrade to a GTX 1080 soon) with an Intel Core i7-4790k CPU @4.00ghz. It has 16 gigs of RAM.

Most used program/programs on laptop/desktop: Audacity. Adobe Premiere. GIMP 2.0. Twitter. Chrome. Steam.

Show us your desktop: I have one for you here! This is my current background because I'm loving DC Rebirth!

The first place you go when you open your phone or computer: Twitter.

One website you recommend to people often: Besides my own sites (Geek.com and The Koalition), I tell people to check out Forbes' games coverage. They're fantastic.

Favorite piece of tech besides your phone/computer: My PlayStation 4 lol.

What's playing in the background while you work?: I don't typically listen to anything while I work. Hard to concentrate on writing with music blasting lol.

Gamer?: Really? You already know the answer, bro. Gamer for life!

What are you playing?: Currently playing a bunch of old-school SNES, NES, Genesis, and Arcade games. I'm really into playing emulated games on my PC now. I love it. Takes me back to when gaming was in its golden age.

Last gaming purchase: I bought Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on PC.

What item have you purchased recently that is less than $100 that has made your life easier or more enjoyable: I bought a wireless controller for my PC. It was like $30 but it's great because I can play PC games wirelessly now!

We've covered the tech so let's hear about some toys. Any toys or collectibles you're currently obsessing over? I gave up hardcore toy collecting ages ago. Not because I stopped being interested, but because my nieces and nephews would always try to play with them so I had to put them away. Also, I live in NYC so shelf space is at a premium.

Favorite toy /collectible from your childhood and favorite toy/collectible you currently own: Favorite from childhood was my original Transformers that were made out of metal. Those could fuck someone up! I guess my current favorite is a Kotobukiya Sakura figure I bought at NYCC. Still keep in the box so the little ones don't play with her.

Who you like you like to see featured in a future column?: Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Where can people find your work and connect with you?: Check me out on Twitter. My handle is Romudeth. That's also my handle on PSN/XBL/Steam so feel free to add me. Check my Twitter bio where you can find links to the sites I work for (Geek.com and The Koalition), as well as the link to my podcast, Throwdown, which comes on every Thursday at 10:30pm EST. We also answer fan questions on Throwdown Your Questions every Sunday at 10:30pm EST.

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September 17, 2016 2:36 am

P.S… Metal Transformers!!!! Yes.. Had the Original Megatron.. Optimus.. my Collection was Extensive when I was young.. had about 70!!! My last ” acquisition was GALVATRON! Deeply regret not keeping them as I felt I had “outgrown” toys.. wtf!!! Also had hundreds of GIJoes. The Air Craft Carrier.. TerraDrome Cobra Hiss Tanks and that beautiful Black Stealth type Cobra Jet Plane.. Serpentor Etc.. Began with HeMan toys but I wasn’t crazy about thise.. only collected rhem because friends likes them so much.. but if I had any of those today… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$… and did I mention.. $$$$$$$$$$$$ Ah the memories.. then… Read more »

September 17, 2016 7:21 am
Reply to  Rich

Tell me about it. I had to decide what was more important. Toys or girls. Lol.. Girls won of course.. so i stopped buying.. stored most of the collection then wound up giving away to my nephews and others.. I check all there homes to see if they still had them but nothing.. The comics were snother story.. I miss them more.. they actually taught me alot. Seeing the co mic movie explosion in recent years only mske me miss them more. I say I wouls be rich but probably wouldn’t seel most of the stuff if I still had… Read more »

September 17, 2016 2:27 am

Why would you interview this clown?!?! I will now call for a boycott of Romudeth and RAGE due to This! #revolt!!!!

One must always be care who one does business with….. lol..

I’ll stop now.. Tony Polanco is a cool dude.. And I done shell such statements lightly.. he is level headed and straight up.. Just like the Internet DOESNT like It!


September 17, 2016 7:23 am
Reply to  Rich

Kinds words..!? I was burying him at the start.. lol.. gotta have some fun on the internet..

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