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Watch Dogs 2 Welcomes You to DedSec

Watch Dogs 2 welcomes players to the exciting story trailer of DedSec.

We are about a month and a half removed from the return to DedSec. Watch Dogs 2 and Ubisoft want to make that wait as excruciating as possible by making the hype train barrel through your brain. In case you have been living under a log, there is a new trailer out today that takes you deep into the story.

Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus hacks

ctOS was brought down and Chicago, but the program and its parent company Blume live on in San Francisco. Marcus Holloway is a brilliant young hacker just trying to survive day to day. The DedSec cel in his area takes note of his ability and recruits him. It is time to take down Blume once and for all and destroy ctOS.

Watch Dogs 2 - team up

Unlike Aiden Pearce in the first game, Marcus does not have to go into the field alone. Team up with friends or random partners online.

Watch Dogs 2 comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 15, 2016.