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Will “The Originals” Become A New Obsession?

I used “obsession” in the title because, if you know me, you are well aware of my “don’t call me Thursdays at 8pm under penalty of dismemberment” rule. I eagerly anticipate my weekly Vampire Diaries fix and I honestly admit to being slightly crazed. But, am I alone? Not in the least. Delena, Stelena and Klaroline shippers all love the show so much that we could be getting a spinoff to also swoon over!

Last night’s Vampire Diaries episode, entitled “The Originals”, served as a backdoor pilot to this possible new show, which will follow badass Original vamp Klaus in New Orleans and his dealings with the vampires and witches there.  This episode was meant to show fans and The Powers That Be over at The CW what we can all expect if they pick up “The Originals” and add it to their lineup. Which after watching, why the hell wouldn’t they?  We should find out if that’s the case by mid-May, and then “The Originals” would begin airing its own episodes in October 2014.

Now, that we have that all out in the open, on to the episode. Stop reading if you don’t want to read a MAJOR spoiler!

Based upon Katherine’s letter, Klaus heads to his former home, the French Quarter, to find a witch named Jane-Anne, who has some business with him. What that is, we don’t know. What we do find out, however, is that Klaus’ protégé Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) is now the most powerful vampire in the city, with control over vamps and witches alike. He has humans looking the other way so the vampires can feast on tourists and he tells Klaus he’s even “got the witches here wrapped around my finger”. After we see Jane-Anne performing a spell which incapacitates werewolf Hayley (who is also in town trying to find her family), she is killed by Marcel for doing magic without his permission. Well, there goes Klaus getting his info!

However, all is not lost, as Jane-Anne has a sister named Sophie (Daniella Pineda) who knows what is going on. She is saved from Marcel’s henchmen by none other than Elijah (Daniel Gillies) who has come to the French Quarter to see what Klaus is up to. He then brings Klaus to Sophie, who drops a huge bombshell on him. Remember that one night stand Klaus had with Hayley a few VD eps back? Well, guess what? Hayley is perfectly alive and well, and also pregnant! Say what?! Sure, vampires can’t procreate, but werewolves can. Oh, and Sophie states if he doesn’t help her stop this psycho Marcel, she’ll kill both Hayley and his unborn child. Oh, that’s nice.

In disbelief, Klaus vamp-listens in on his child’s heartbeat before answering with “Kill her and the baby. What do I care?”  Joseph Morgan was simply fantastic in this episode, and this chilling proclamation while a tear ran down his cheek was heartbreaking. You WANT to love Klaus even though his villain status is through the roof, so this humanizing element to the story is so out of left field, yet so superb.

Elijah, however, is looking for his family to be a family again and is not ready to give up hope that this baby might be just the thing to redeem his brother and bring the 3 Original siblings together again. After all that has happened in Mystic Falls, he sees it as their chance to start over. But Klaus being Klaus wants nothing to do with this baby, only power and revenge.  “Family is power,” Elijah says to his brother. “This is us, the Original family. We remain together always and forever.”

After he is followed by some of Marcel’s guys, Klaus seeks his “friend” out to see why and things don’t go so well. Feeling his status threatened, Marcel antagonizes Klaus by stating he is the king and to show him respect. Is this guy nuts? So, how does our anti-hero respond? He viciously bites Marcel’s #2 and states he will be dead by the weekend. Yeah, those hybrid bites suck.  “I’ve broken one of your rules and yet, I cannot be killed,” declares Klaus. “I am immortal. Who has the power now, friend?”

Oh, there’s also a human in the picture, Camille (Leah Pipes). She is a bartender who seemingly knows nothing of the supernatural scene in the town. Klaus had a nice moment with her over a street painter where she said some things that made him think about his current situation. So, after some soul(less) searching, Klaus decides he wants what Marcel has, and sets out to get it. He wants to be King…and every king needs an heir.  He makes peace with Marcel and tells him he will be sticking around a while.

Honestly, I am 99.99% positive that “The Originals” will be picked up. This one hour was so great I didn’t even notice that VD characters were on screen for less than 5 minutes total. The story has so many great elements to it that there will be much more to explore, and more Klaus is never a bad thing, right?

Did you watch this episode? What do you think? Hit the comments.




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