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WWE 2K Battlegrounds Update Adds Chyna & Mark Henry To The Roster

While I have a love/hate relationship with WWE 2K Battlegrounds, as shown in our review. I have to admit that 2K has kept their word on new roster additions as the game continues to see tweaks and improvements, thus extending its shelf life.

The next roster update arriving on January 27, 2021, will welcome WWE Attitude Era mainstays the “World's Strongest Man” Mark Henry and the “Ninth Wonder of the World” Chyna along with an unlocked Tyler Breeze and a new Hell in a Cell arena. As always, some superstars, including these recently announced ones, may require unlocking with the game's in-game currency, which you can earn or purchase.

On February 3, 2021, there will be another update that adds WWE Hall of Famer Christian and Otis and unlocks Dana Brooke who is currently in-game as a locked character.

To coincide with this Sunday's Royal Rumble, WWE 2K Battlegrounds fans will also have a chance to score a bonus locker code to redeem 500 Golden Bucks. The Golden Bucks can be used to purchase the Royal Rumble pack, which includes Becky Lynch, The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, or any other locked superstars of your choosing. The code is redeemable until 11:59 PM PST on February 14, 2021.