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WWE SuperCard Announces New Royal Rumble 2021 Event

The WWE Royal Rumble is around the corner and kicks off the Road to WrestleMania. WWE SuperCard is kicking off the Rumble early with their new season seven Royal Rumble event. The new Royal Rumble '21 tier is bringing in over 60 WWE Superstars including NXT roster members, WWE Legends, and Hall of Famers. Notable names include AJ Styles, Edge, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair, Adam Cole and a debut Dominik Mysterio who will be included as part of a new quest.

Players that load the game from January 20 through February 2nd will also get access to a series of Royal Rumble themed in-game events, boosts, and bonuses. Also, players can retrieve a free rewards pack* in the in-game store when they log in between January 26 at Noon and February 2 at 11 a.m. Pacific time. This pack contains a Rey Mysterio Royal Rumble ‘20 card, a cardback, 1000 SuperCoins, and 25 draft picks. Limit one per account. Available in all territories where WWE SuperCard is available.

Note that the offer for the rewards pack is available to new and current users who log in to WWE SuperCard between 12:00 PM PST on 1/26/21 and 11:00 am PST on 2/2/21. The offer is for one (1) Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio card, 1000 SuperCoins, 25 draft picks, and a Royal Rumble card back. Rewards can be redeemed in-game on the store section. One offer per account only. Terms apply. Void where prohibited.