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2K Reveals 12 New WWE 2K16 Roster Additions

As the summer starts to wind down the fall gaming season continues to build momentum. 2K has been fueling this momentum with their weekly updates for WWE 2K16. In addition to all the news and features announced for the game, 2K will be launching a weekly reveal series aptly titled Roster 3:16 which will showcase the latest roster additions leading up to the games release on October 27th. The series begins today with the announcement of the following additions to the WWE 2K16 roster: Bad News Barrett, Booker T, Colonel Mustafa, Daniel Bryan, Emma, Eva Marie, Finn Balor, General Adnan, John Cena, Kalisto, Kane, Lord Steven Regal, Paige, Seth Rollins, Sin Cara, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Summer Rae, Tamina and Triple H. Check out the their roster shots below.


Here are some in-game screenshots of the newly announced roster additions  including some video footage of Kalisto's in-game entrance.