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2K Showcases NBA 2K21 At PlayStation 5 Reveal Event

It was an afternoon of reveals for PlayStation fans during the PlayStation 5 reveal event. 2K brought NBA 2K21 to the party and impressed with their Zion Williamson gameplay showcase. NBA 2K21 a brand new experience that will leverage the increased power of the new PlayStation 5, allowing for improved load speeds, visual fidelity on an unmatched level, and an unrivaled breadth of content for basketball fans and players.

“New console launches are few and far between, and we’re incredibly excited to show a sneak peek at what our fans can look forward to from NBA 2K21 running on next-gen hardware,”

“Today's showing is just a glimpse at how our team is building the future of gaming with NBA 2K21, and how we're creating the most realistic sports simulation on the planet – a must-have title for sports fans and gamers alike this year.” 

Melissa Bell, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at 2K.

The NBA 2K21 reveal wowed a lot of gamers, and we are looking forward to seeing more of NBA 2K21 in action in the coming months. Will be NBA 2K21 be a day one purchase for your PlayStation 5? Let us know in the comments.