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Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Get A Refresh For The Upcoming Avengers #1

New Avengers Team

As the No Surrender arc comes to a close a new Avengers team is born with some returning favorites and some new faces. Avengers #1 will reunite the team's original trio of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America once more and they are joined by Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Hulk F/K/A She-Hulk, and Doctor Strange. Jason Aaron will be writing this new series with art by Ed McGuiness. McGuiness will also be doing the cover for the first issue.

If you're a fan of the artwork in this post it is from 2018 Young Gun artist Pepe Larraz. The artwork will be released as special character lithographs as part of the Avengers #1 festivities in May.

Make sure to link up with local retailers so you can get your hands on this artwork. Avengers #1 goes on sale May 2, 2018.

My Take: I think this new team has an interesting dynamic especially with Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider involved as the supernatural side of things. The inclusion of She-Hulk will be interesting as well especially since Banner Hulk is back in the mix. Jason Aaron rarely disappoints and with McGuiness handing the art it should be a good read. It also helps that the book is hitting shelves right after Infinity War hits theaters.

What do you guys think of the new team?



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