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Dying Light – “10-In-12” Program: Content Drop# 0

Previously, R.A.G.E. Works reported that Dying Light would have a full year of free updates including ten pieces of DLC. What's more is that as part of that program the first piece of content would not count as one of the ten, giving a total of eleven. The great news is that day is here and Content Drop# 0, titled “Reinforcements” is live now. However, like Wade Barrett used to say:

That bad news is that Content Drop# 0 for Dying Light is live now . . . on the PC. It appears that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will not start enjoying new content until September. I am going to go ahead and say that really sucks. On the up side, console owners will ultimately get all the content from Techland that PC owners do and it will still be free to all. Be patient, because there is still plenty to do in Harran.

Dying Light - Content Drop 0

The Dying Light 10-In-12 program officially begins in September and hopefully that means that console owners will get Content Drop# 0 shortly before the first DLC or at the same time. Techland is distributing content through their own new platform called Gemly and that may have something to do with the delay for console owners. keep it here as we are sure to bring you more news as it develops. To all survivors of the Harran nightmare, I say to you: