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Dying Light – Get Into Harran Before You Get Out

The thing about zombie games is that you almost never get to see what life was like before everything went to hell. It’s always “run this way,” or “hide over there,” with the occasional “AHHHHHH! There's a zombie eating my leg!” Always the focus on the negative. Techland wants to change that as they give you a look at the city of Harran before the events of Dying Light take place. Come see what a simple yet beautiful place the setting for the end of days really is. . .

Granted, the images you see are only there because the desperate survivors that have hacked it probably do not have access to cameras to show you what is really going on. All they can do is update the news blog to try and let people on the outside know the truth.

To take your digital tour of the city and see the calm before the storm, go to “The Official Website of the Finest City In the World.” After your time on the site is done please remember that:
The walls are up.
The dead are everywhere.
There is no escape.
Cherish the time that you have remaining.

As always my friends I leave you with this piece of advice. . .