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Nexomon - key art

Nexomon is Now Available on Consoles!

Nexomon, the prequel to Nexomon Extinction, is finally available on consoles! The hit monster-catching RPG was originally launched on mobile platforms followed by Steam. Now, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch owners can finally experience the beginning of the saga. Over 300 creatures await you in the story that started it all. Download the game today for only $9.99 on your digital platform of choice.

Nexomon - 6

About Nexomon

The series is a throwback to the original 2D monster-catching games. Your journey spans ten different regions where you will meet all manner of people and beasts. Choose from seven different starter creatures and enjoy the many features of the game:

  • The Prequel to Extinction, out now on consoles for the first time!
  • Choose your starter: 7 unique creatures to choose from
  • Build your ultimate team! Catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique creatures
  • Embark on an epic journey and explore 10 vibrant regions in the NexoWorld
  • Deep & engaging turn-based battle system
  • Visit our Nexomon micro-site to see our brand new blog content!
  • Pick up your official merch!
  • 10% discount on PlayStation platforms at launch

Enjoy a single-player adventure where you actually can catch everything. Tongue-in-cheek humor abounds as the game refuses to take itself seriously. Both Nexomon and Nexomon Extinction are available on your platform of choice today. Start your adventure now and visit the official website for more information.