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Skater XL - Big Ramp cover

Skater XL – Go ‘Big’ Over SoCal July 28

The launch of Skater XL is less than a week away! Easy Day Studios saved the best for last! Skateboarding tricks and near-endless customization have been shown. You already know that you can choose from some of the top pro skaters of today. If you are asking yourself what is left, Easy Day answered in a big way. Introducing the Big Ramp. Set in the desert of Southern California (Mojave), this is an extreme sports fantasy. The immense structure features ramps both great and small for you to get as much air as you want. On July 28, 2020 you will go big or go home.

Skater XL - The Big Ramp 01
Skater XL – What is the Big Ramp?

Easy Day Studios revealed a new map for those who love speed and grabbing big time air. Introducing ‘The Big Ramp!’ Available at launch, ‘The Big Ramp’ is inspired by the desert dwelling ramp structures. Ramps we have seen that broke the barriers of what is possible in terms of verticality and scope in skateboarding. ‘The Big Ramp’ encompasses the many different sizes and shapes of ramps. Hit the backyard verts of the 80’s to the boundary breaking mega structures of recent years. The Big Ramp is a “plywood paradise” to explore and discover technical features like quarterpipes, hips and tabletops.

Skater XL - The Big Ramp jumps
Free Your Mind – Your Wheels Will Follow

Link tricks, spins, and grabs in your journey to nail the perfect run in ‘The Big Ramp’ map. Hit atmospheric heights as you launch the 135’ gap into a rainbow rail or kinked ledge. If transition tech is your passion, head over to the mini zone, chock full of smaller quarterpipes and spines. The vert ramp section comes complete with bowl corners and multiple height variations just waiting to be thrashed.  Create jaw-dropping clips in the in-game replay editor. The size and verticality set against the open landscape of the map give a sense of vertigo and scale. The evolutionary game mechanics found in Skater XL allow players to seamlessly roll into and out of grinds without popping. It looks to offer some of the smoothest coping grinds and stalls ever seen in a skateboarding game.

Skater XL - The Big Ramp 02
It's Almost Time!

Skater XL launches July 28th digitally on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Physical copies will be sold at your local retailer for PS4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will be released later this year. Stay tuned for more details. Don't forget to visit the official website!