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Skater XL - Crooks grind

Skater XL Has Community-Created Maps for All!

Skater XL is less than a month away and Easy Day Studios has great news! At launch, every player on every platform will have access to community-created maps. Today's trailer shows the three maps available at launch and players in action on them. The Early Access program on Steam and its updates have allowed the game to grow exponentially. The player feedback and input are what have allowed Easy Day Studios to include these features. On July 28th, look forward to a truly enjoyable skateboard simulation that will continue to grow.

Skater XL - Grant Skate Park 02
Chicago boarders are in for a treat
The Skater XL Community Maps

First, we have Grant Skate Park, created by modder turned Easy Day Studios team member Theo. This is one of Chicago’s premier public skateparks. The three-acre waterfront park has a variety of terrain, including street and transition features with a focus on overall flow. Revealed here for the first time, Theo’s version of this real-life skate park holds true to its layout and design, while small tweaks have been added to optimize gameplay.

Skater XL - Streets 02
The Streets level looks especially promising
Take it to the ‘Streets'

The Streets map by Jean Olive mashes up of some of the best street skating terrain from around the world. ‘Streets' encompass several city blocks of skateable territory, from San Francisco-esque hills, to the unique skateable architecture of Spain. Players will recognize skate spots from Los Angeles and New York, as well as Jean Olive’s own creative designs.

Skater XL - Hudland 01
Meant to be a skaters paradise for tricks
Welcome to My Hűd

An original creation by Pactole, ‘Hűdland’ is every skater’s dream private skatepark. Packed full of street and transition features, Hűdland is the perfect indoor place to hone your skills before taking them to the streets. Features include flatbars, stairs, hips, handrails, quarterpipes and more. The warehouse setting and overhead skylights give the map a unique look and feel, while the overall flow of the park will keep players perfecting lines for hours.

Become the Next Featured Creator!

In further support of the modding community, PC players can now find Skater XL's extensive catalog of community-created mods at Mod.io. The new platform will allow mod creators to easily manage uploaded content. It also gives players quick and organized access when searching and downloading all of the best new community content. For more information, please check out the new Skater XL modding site at skaterxl.mod.io.