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Slick’s Hits: Hitman (Season Premiere)

season premiere agent

Hitman comes at us like a blockbuster movie premiere! Launching Friday March 11 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Square Enix decided to give us the best Hitman teaser yet today! I am almost ready to forgive the episodic release of the game save for the fact that once an episode is done I have to wait a month for the next! I went nuts just playing Hitman GO, but this is pure madness. Just watch the trailer and pay close attention. Did he just disguise himself as a freaky runway model?

Why yes, yes it is.

Square Enix, I demand a trophy with some kind of Vogue reference for assassinating your target whilst dressed as one of the Village People (Greenwich Village, not the YMCA group). Rifles, kitchen knives, poison, garrote wire, etc. This guy makes a weapon out of damn near anything, including himself, giving you near limitless freedom in executing (no pun intended) your objective. With well over a dozen disguises shown in just this two-minute trailer, I think Square Enix has a real treat in store for fans of the Hitman series. Before you run out and see 10 Cloverfield Lane next Friday, make sure you have downloaded this game and experienced the violence, beauty and skills of Hitman.

This padre needs to confess more than listen to them.

When Episode One releases next week, you will complete the Prologue (even if you did in the beta), and take on your first job in Paris (PS4 owners get a bonus mission as promised). The trailer shows scenes from the prologue and Paris and is giving you a glimpse of Sapienza in Italy (April episode) and Marrakesh in Morocco (May episode). So not everything we see today will be available next week, but there is a lot to be excited about nonetheless. Square Enix promises seven total episodes in 2016, but they in no way indicate that will be the end of this title. The likelihood is that if successful, missions will continue to come out next year. Either way, the 2016 missions will be collected on disc this holiday season should you not want to play the game in episodic form. Either way, this is looking like a title that should not be missed.


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