Looking For Our Shows? Visit The Brand New RAGE Works Podcast Network

Welcome To RAGE Works 5.0

Welcome to the new RAGE Works 5.0 site! I want to thank all of you folks for your patience as we built RAGE Works new home. While we are still fine-tuning the bulk of the work has been done and we are happy with the final product. The new site is easy to navigate and everything is one to two clicks at most away.

The biggest change, of course, is the change to our podcast area which is no longer on this site. We are pleased to announce that in addition to our new website we are also launching the RAGE Works Podcast Network site as the new home for all of our shows. As I mentioned in the previous post our podcasts have grown and they needed a new home to expand and thrive and that needed to happen outside of the RAGE Works walls. We are excited to not only showcase the shows in their own space but also have room to welcome new shows to the rotation for all of you to enjoy.

Lastly, we wanted to welcome our new content partner Nerd News Today into the RAGE Works family. Nerd News Today is the brainchild of Matt who also ran the Fight Nerd MMA site. Matt and I have been friends for quite some time and we wanted to join forces to deliver some great content and our combined forces intend to do just that with comics, toy coverage, and much more. Join us in welcome Nerd News Today to the RAGE Works Family.

We are excited about the next chapter and want to keep delivering gritty. genuine, and honest pop culture, gaming and tech content.

I'd like to close out by thanking everyone that has come through My Take Radio and RAGE Works over the years either as a contributor, podcaster or just a fan for being the gears in this wonderful machine. Onwards to five more years!!