Nintendo releases more Pokémon DLC

Following the release of the Yellow Forest Pokéwalker route, Nintendo has now made the Winner’s Path route available for download between May 6-June 26. The available Pokémon are pictured above and...

Slick’s Hits: The (New) Nintendo Wii

Despite reporting one of their best sales years ever, Nintendo reported that year over year 2009 saw a significant drop in its Wii console sales over those of 2008. So what...

Red Dead Redemption War Chest Contest

1 Winner daily from May 3-June 1 Grand Prize: Red Dead Redemption™ War Chest Package Includes: Xbox 360® Arcade video game and entertainment system Pelican™ 1510 Carry On Case Turtle Beach® Ear Force® X31 Wireless Digital Xbox...

Slick’s Hits: Super Street Fighter IV

Let’s face a very simple fact: you cannot reinvent the wheel – but you can make that sumbitch run a hell of a lot faster and smoother so that onlookers go...

Finally some EA Sports MMA Gameplay Footage

After many screenshots and debates about this game being better than UFC Undisputed I was beginning to think EA would never show us any gameplay footage till the last minute. EA...

SuperNES on iPad is a go!

Someone ported the iPhone version of the SuperNES emulator for the iPad. Check it out! Check out the article at Gizmodo Video Credit: Gizmodo

Best Buy wants you buying SSFIV from them, not GameStop

It was not a deciding factor in buying the game but the fact remains that most hardcore Street Fighter IV fans have at least one or two alternate costume packs, if...

Nintendo keeps kids hooked with their trademark Electric Mouse

  Nintendo knows how to keep their fan base hooked to one of their biggest franchises of all time, pokémon. When the classic Yellow Pikachu edition came out the intro featured Pikachu...

Rape Simulation Games? WTF!!!!

As a gamer, I have come across some weird shit in my day. From Custer’s Revenge to the newest being Rapelay, sexual games have always existed and as the technology improves,...

Nintendo To Relase 3D DS

Nintendo has jumped on the 3D bandwagon with a handheld? What?   [youtube]

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