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1st Impressions: Marvel v Capcom 3

After a long Comic Con weekend, I look forward to providing you with kick ass content over the coming weeks. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to NYCC was...

A Girl’s Take On Comic-Con

A Note From Rich-My other half decided to share her thoughts on comic con. Enjoy her take 10. The kiosk hot dogs smell like stinky feet cheese....please don't eat them for fear of the...

10 Things I learned from The Big Apple Comic-Con

I should have made this post at the same time Slick made his but I didn't get a chance to. I now present you with the 10 things I learned at...

10 Things I Learned At The Big Apple Comic-Con

10. Hellboy is a woman. 9. Sakura from Naruto is really fat in real life. 8. Big fat guys make terrible Venom cosplayers, especially when they just put on a Todd McFarlane mask...

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