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NN2D Retro Review: ECW Super Crazy Action Figure

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We got a brand new Out of The Box, Into The Ring: Extreme Edition this week. Matt and I checked out ECW's extreme luchador Super Crazy. Super Crazy worked in AAA, but his ECW career and feud with the “Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiri was one of his high points. Super Crazy had a memorable WWE run as well, both as a singles competitor and as part of the Mexicools faction. He even had a stint in the WWE version of ECW. After leaving WWE, Super Crazy took his talents around the globe with appearances in Mexico and Japan.

The insane luchador was always exciting to watch and it was great to see that the Original San Francisco Toy Makers captured his likeness so well. If you enjoyed our retro review make sure to check out some of the other ECW original action figures Matt and I reviewed including:

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