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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Avatar

So, the hype has died down for a brief moment and the average moviegoer's eyes have shrunk back to normal after previously being bigger than your average anime character or one...

Smallville Absolute Justice – how was it?

After weeks of story bits, some photos and a few not-so revealing promos, we finally got to watch Smallville's two hour Absolute Justice episode. Here's the recap.We start off the episode with...

My Take On: Blue Mountain State

As a woman, I pride myself on being able to hang “with the boys” in regards to my ability to watch stuff most girls won’t even consider.  So, in keeping up with this,...

My Take On: Chuck (and why you should be watching)

Oh Josh Schwartz, how I adore you. In 2007, the man behind “The O.C.” and “Gossip Girl” (yeah, yeah, I know) brought us a new show both men and women alike...

RW Review: Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin in not your average ninja flick......with that said, I must say that it was very stylish in execution and made no issue in using loads of blood & guts. I watched...

Slick’s Quick Hits: “V”

I really hope in reading this that you are old enough to remember the original "V" miniseries and Friday night TV show that aired in the mid-80's because it is probably...

Slick’s Nit-Picks: Ghost In The Shell 2.0

Ted Turner, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg should all be convulsing in their graves over this one, despite none of them being dead yet. Mamoru Oshii has made them look like...

Slick’s Nit-Picks: Titan Maximum

Titan Maximum airs Sundays at 11:30PM on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

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